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Satori Healing

Coming soon to Los Alamos. An infusion clinic with a spa like like feel encouraging self reflection and deep insight with Ketamine therapy.

At Satori Healing we believe there is a living energy field that pervades and makes up all things, the ancients called it the void, the Tao, today it’s the quantum field.

This energy not only has the intelligence to create you, but knows personally why you are in your current situation and how you can begin to truly heal. How? Because this energy is deeply a part of you. It has lived with you through all your trials and knows your darkest secrets.

This deep part of you, this intelligence isn’t normally able to communicate with you in your waking life because you are so caught up in your own Story, you’re always thinking and worse, believing everything you think. Life Is what happens to you from the outside. It is harsh, unforgiving, and random.

Ketamine works by inhibiting neural circuits associated with memory and identity thus disassociating you from your story, and the incessant noise of your thoughts based on your story. It is in this created space that a flash of deep insight, Satori becomes possible.

At Satori Healing we strive to create an atmosphere where these Satori experiences can become common. We plan to start taking referrals for ketamine treatments in early 2022.

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