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Nearly ready to open our doors

A lot has happened since we first came up with the idea that has grown into Satori Healing. My wife Tracy and I are have been challenged by our current practices of medicine that simply define wellness as the absence of measurable disease.

My life as a hospitalist here at LAMC has been rewarding, but also challenging in the up close view of sickness and death that plague us all. The pandemic has brought this into sharper focus for me personally. Middle age, the loss of parents and close relatives has sent me searching for a different way forward.

I had some experience with the psychedelic space as a high school and college student. My epiphany came during a mushroom ceremony with Buena Vida in Mexico. I was able to take my identity and all my 'problems' off like an old shirt. The experience continues to shake me. Mutual respect and reverence for the 'medicine' was fostered. I found that my pain is not unique to me but universal in the burden. We may have had different events transpire in our lives but the suffering effects us all.

How could I bring this experience, the experience of having a deep insight into our condition, back to my patients, my local community? I learned about the potential uses of Ketamine and took a formal training with the Ketamine Training Center in New York. There I learned that Ketamine could provide an avenue to this kind of deep insight, helping with many mental health conditions.

Satori Healing (Satori the Japanese Buddhist term meaning sudden flash of enlightenment) was born from this experience. An infusion clinic that is safe, supportive, and discrete. An Open clinic where friends, family, and therapists could support individuals searching for a personal experience.

As the clinic started taking shape I found there were many folks who wanted to experience a intimate supportive environment while getting a wide varieties of medical infusions. This has broadened our treatments to include vitamins, minerals, and hydration with an eye on applying to insurance plans to be able to include most infusions that are usually only found in a hospital environment.

We hope to start taking appointments March 7th. Ketamine therapy will be by referral only. Those interested in this will need to have a therapist who's on board. The work towards wellness can not be done with ketamine alone. We'll be able to offer hydration, vitamins, and minerals, but this is still a work in progress. I am still in the process of looking at different services we could provide. I'd be open to hearing thoughts and recommendations. Please leave a comment under contact us. Lastly, I'm currently still working, so while I value all comments, it may be a couple days for me to get back to you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I have pancreatic cancer and an getting infusions through a port at SF Cancer Center. Can I move those infusion to your facility? I live in LA. I know Tracy and Dr. Mesiboc is my primary. Robert Bourque.

Satori Healing
Satori Healing
Mar 04, 2022
Replying to

Mr. Bourque, first I want to give my sincerest apologies for the trials you must be going through right now. We, unfortunately, are not yet at a point to offer chemotherapy infusions at our office but we are in the process of getting credentialed through insurances to provide common IV medication administration. We are hopeful to provide such a service to our community in the future. Currently we are only offering Ketamine, Vitamin and nutrition infusions. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance. Warm regards, Tracy Martin

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