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What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy sends nutrients directly into the bloodstream via an intravenous connection. In nearly all cases, this IV also contains water so that your body is getting both hydration and nutritional support at the same time. 

All bodies, including human bodies, depend on getting the right nutrients for effective functioning and total wellness. In particular, there are certain vitamins our bodies can’t produce that we need to get from elsewhere. Many of the nutrients we need our bodies can make, but those it can’t are known as “essential vitamins and minerals.” We must get these from an outside source.

Why We Aren't Getting What We Need?

Without the right vitamins, the body can’t run its natural processes correctly. A well-balanced diet in proper proportion should have all the vitamins and minerals that the healthy human body needs, though, so why do we need therapy involving intravenous drips?

For some of us, the problem is what we’re eating. While we all strive to eat a healthy diet, it can be hard to do so. In some cases, getting a truly well-balanced meal every time can be too expensive. In other cases, convenience is a problem, and our life and work demands simply don’t allow us to source and prepare a well-balanced meal.

While eating fresh fruits and vegetables is still one of the best ways to ensure good health, soil depletion from modern intensive agriculture means that each successive generation of freshly grown food has slightly less nutrition than the one before it.


This is because these plants take their nutrition from the soil, and modern farming techniques do not do well at replacing that nutrition. If the soil’s nutrition is depleted, the plants will be malnourished. You can mitigate this issue somewhat by sourcing fresh foods from organic farms, and especially locally grown produce where traditional farming methods are practiced, but not everyone can afford to do so, and such choices aren’t readily available everywhere.

Not only are we not getting the nutrition from these plant foods that we once did, but the animals we typically eat aren’t getting enough, either. Factory-farmed cows, for instance, are usually fed a non-natural diet high in corn, molasses, and anything that will fatten them quickly. These don’t have the nutrition the cow really needs to thrive, and they pass that depletion on to us.

Even eating a well-balanced, healthy diet of highly nutritious foods may not be enough if you’re fighting a chronic disease like diabetes or acute illness such as cancer. When you make extra demands of your body, it needs extra support. In some cases, such as with some autoimmune diseases or IBS, the very condition itself may be blocking your body from absorbing the nutrition it needs.

For other people, stress and constant daily exertion, such as exercise, can be depleting vitamin stores. Take vitamin C as an example. The human body can’t make this vitamin, but we can store small amounts. This vitamin supports the very structure of our body at the cellular level and protects us from the damaging effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Whenever our stress hormones are produced, vitamin C is depleted as it gets used up. If we are living under constant high stress, we need far more vitamin C than we normally would.

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Why Consider IV Therapy?

There are many aspects to wellness, from the mental to the physical and emotional, and fueling the body with plenty of nutritious support affects every part of the equation. Our bodies run better and fight off disease more efficiently when they have all the nutrition they need. Our brains function at their optimum when there’s no lack of any crucial nutrient.

Our emotions, which are highly dependent on hormone levels, run and respond more smoothly when our hormones have the right nutritional support. When your body has everything it needs, you can expect greater mental clarity, less susceptibility to anxiety and depression, more strength and energy, better sleep, and a heightened ability to fight off illness.

Aging takes a toll on us all, but this therapy delivers antioxidants, nutrients, hydration, and more that support the body in getting rid of things like free radicals that speed up the aging process. A well-nourished body has healthier skin and hair and shows fewer wrinkles.

Whether you’re an athlete or simply have a job with enormous physical or mental demands, you’ll see better performance when you give your body a constant supply of the important nutrients it needs to keep up those tasks. With good hydration, plenty of nutrition, and enough hydration, you can expect to see yourself perform at the highest possible level consistently.

As we age, our ability to bounce back from having a few drinks too many drastically slows down. The best choice is always to avoid over-drinking, especially on a regular basis. But for those occasional times when a special event calls for a splurge, IV treatment can get you back on your feet and at full strength quickly.

Seek medical help from a trusted medical clinic. chronic fatigue, IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, nutrient-absorption disorders: these all take a terrible toll on the body and can make every day a battle much harder than it should be. If you’re battling all the symptoms that come with these issues, such as exhaustion, dizziness, insomnia, discomfort, and stomach issues, you will find that infusing your body with the nutritional support it needs can ease symptoms and restore energy.

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