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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new and revolutionary health care model where the middle man (insurance company) is removed.  In doing so, healthcare providers are able to provide a service at an affordable price directly to the patient.   


In this model, the patient pays the practice directly in the form of monthly payments.  In exchange, the patient will have direct access to the provider, have extended visits 30-60 minutes long as well  as a broad range of primary care and medical administrative services. 

This translates to better healthcare.




No additional copays for visits with DPC membership. Additional fees if needed included medications (either prescription or dispensed in office, bloodwork and/or pathology)

Direct Access to your Medical provider via Patient portal & text after hours. 

Laceration Repairs

Foreign Body Removal

Acute and Chronic care management. 

Trigger Point Injections


Annual Physicals and Pap Smears

Spirometry and EKG

Joint Injections

Rapid strep and Flu, Urine analysis and Pregnancy tests

Breathing Treatments

Cryotherapy and Skin Tag Removal

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