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Japanese Buddhist Word Meaning Sudden Enlightenment or Flash of Insight

The dream of this little clinic was born from the revolutionary idea that a well supported dissociative / psychedelic experience can foster a profound personal insight.  This insight can then provide meaning and potentially a glimmer of freedom from the day to day depressed/ limited person we believe ourselves to be. Satori.

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Kristin Barnes RN

Director of Nursing

Kristin Barnes has been a dedicated bed side registered nurse for the past 8 years.  She has extensive experience with hospitalized med/surg patients and peri-operative care. She has a passion for the Los Alamos Area and has been working closely with Dr. Martin for the last 4 and a half years.

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Elizabeth McCall Guinn (Liz) - Medical Assistant 

Medical Assistant

ELiz has been Medical Assistant in the Los Alamos Community for 12 + years. 


Jenna Money

Medical Assitant

Jenna has been with Tracy for 6 years as her medical assistant.  Lives in the Beautiful Espanola Valley were she raises two sons. Has a passion for serving and assisting people from the surrounding areas. Always willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed. 

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