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Cycling Up the Hill


IV therapy for athletes is created to push your exercise to a higher level and boost both your energy levels and metabolism with a specific combination of essential electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and IV fluids.  

IV treatments are a comprehensive means of providing everything an athlete needs for a much faster recovery, an optimized workout and the restoration of vitamins and fluids as quickly as possible.


One of the most essential minerals is magnesium. Magnesium promotes not only normal muscle and nerve function, but supports the production of proteins and your cardiovascular health as well. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant providing the push needed to remove the free radicals your body naturally produces during every intense workout. This enables your body to recover quicker between workouts because oxidative stress has been reduced. The building blocks of your body’s proteins are amino acids. The proteins are involved with nearly every single organ, boost your production of energy, promote the repair, healing and healthy growth of your cells and aid in muscle growth.

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