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Ketamine & Behavioral Health Coaching

There is Increasing Evidence That Ketamine Helps:

  • Treatment Resistant Depression

  • PTSD

  • Addiction disorders including Alcoholism

  • Anxiety

  • Spiritual Crisis

  • Suicidal Thoughts/ Ideation

Ketamine Consultation*

IV Ketamine Therapy.

Ketamine Consultation: An in-person appointment with Dr. Martin who will discuss everything about your medical history, questions you may have about the Treatment, and see our clinic. 

IV Ketamine: All inclusive treatment that includes personalized physician dosing, medications that may be required for preparation and associated symptoms, individual music over headphones with optional eye shades.  Warm distinctly non-medical rooms with expansive feeling natural murals.  Operated in a cooperative fashion with your mental health professional.  By Referal.

* 1 time consultation

* + tax

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